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The Panopticon: A Dystopian Allegory

Cybernudism: putting it all out there. #YourPersonalInformation

Your information about your personhood. As in, your you.

Your totally you-ness: Your likes. Your dislikes. Your groups. Your shows you watch. Your things you fan.

The moment you realize you have been supporting a surveillist culture, as a matter of your You youth-ness. And enlightenment blossoms like a fiber-optic lotus. In-side-your-head.

These computers, our mirrors. Each to each.

Artificial intelligence as a mirror of human intelligence. They say the brain operates on the same principles of the Internet.

Facebook Timeline knows everything about me. I entered it all in. It was there for them to know. I will give it away. I want it stored. I want it protected. In case of…..

But hey that’s okay.

What neither Orwell nor Huxley could have predicated. A middle-place between the nightmares of 1984 and Brave New World. Complicity. A populace so sympathetic to corporate interests as to be convinced that privacy and freedoms and rights and information are disposable, like currency to be spent.

Millenial background:

A gradual cultural fade-away of scripted entertainment to more crowdfunded, “reality”-based, z-budget web-centered entertainment.  Ease the consumer off the addiction of the TV and into cyberspace.   Link them up nicely.  CHECK!

Meanwhile, a phase away from presentation of positive values.  Teach them how to live through alliances, through confessionals, through making sure to stay mic’ed up.

Start them on cell phones. Merge the Internet with the cell phone.  Call it an iPhone.

My cyber-consciousness stays forever young in various flattering pictures.

Meanwhile, my corpo-consciousness rots away like the picture of Dorian Gray.

The Internet as avatar. As second body. Blue giant. Not quite human.

If religion is the opiate of the masses, then status updates are the new prayers.

Facebook secretly, silently reinforces Old Value System: no nudity, no drugs, no violence. OK?

If it’s not worth posting in public it’s not worth doing—being the corporate suggestion.

The Panopticon—in John Milton’s Paradise Lost—this is the angels. An All-Seeing God’s superfluous second sight. This is a metaphor for the Internet.

Or what James Joyce joked about a cracked looking glass—it is a very symbol for Irish art!